The staff consists of an engineer, four grounds men, and housekeepers.  They do not live on the island, and go home at night.

There are three friendly resident dogs, a greater sulphur crested cockatoo, and a yellow naped Amazon parrot that live on the island.

There is NO cook, though a local cook could be made available. Local stores are small, but fairly well stocked. Arrangements can be made to provide most provisions and liquor that you request, at your expense.     
The staff can drive the 23 ft. speed boat for local outings, such as trips to town and hiking on the main island. This boat can also be used for fishing in the bay.

There is wonderful snorkeling around the Cay, and SCUBA outings can be arranged with local guides.

The area is renowned for bone and permit fishing, and local fishing guides are available for hire. Light fishing equipment is available for fishing off the dock.

There are seating areas on two main beaches, and you can select the beach depending on the time of day and the breezes. Cocktails on the sunset beach are a favorite way to start the evening.

The barbeque area is always a popular spot to cook outside, especially after dark.

Walking paths around the island and sets of free weights can be used for exercising. There are also many mountainside paths on the island of Guanaja for hiking and exploring.

There is also a regulation pool table.


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